Why choose David Kaufman?

In a word, experience is the answer.   With over thirty-eight years of varied legal experience, David Kaufman has the unique ability to service clients in numerous areas of the law.  As a general practitioner, his wide range of expertise greatly benefits his clients.

Many situations involve several areas of law and require knowledge in all of these areas to arrive at a solution.  In some cases, a client may come in for legal advice on one problem and, through consultation, learn of legal help available for other problems.  The advice of an experienced attorney is invaluable in learning of options and determining appropriate action when problem situations arise.

An additional benefit offered by David Kaufman is his training and experience as a mediator and arbitrator.  This means that he has unique qualifications in resolving disputes before litigation.  Working out problems before they reach the courthouse can save time and money for you.  However, in the event that a case can only be resolved by trial, David Kaufman has a wealth of experience in the courtroom.  With an excellent record of success in general civil litigation as lead counsel in hundreds of judge and jury trials, David Kaufman is a confident and experienced attorney in the courtroom.  He has successfully handled cases including personal injuries, auto and motorcycle accidents, family & domestic matters (divorce, community property, support, adoptions, name changes, restraining & protective orders), wills & successions, contract & business litigation, corporation and real estate issues, as well as insurance defense.


Who is David Kaufman?

David Kaufman was born in 1951 and raised in Natchitoches, Louisiana.  In 1969 David graduated from Menard High School in Alexandria, Louisiana.  He graduated from LSU in 1973 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. He received his Juris Doctorate from Loyola School of Law in 1976.  David clerked for a state district court judge for one year, where he gained invaluable insight into trying cases.  He has been an actively practicing attorney since that time.  David has been married to his wife, Annette, since 1972.  They have been residents of the Lafayette area since 1978 and have two adult children, Michael and Claire.

What can I expect as a client?

You can expect prompt communications and can be assured that the resources and experience of David Kaufman will be diligently applied to your case in resolving the matter within a reasonable time and in an efficient manner.  If you are unsure whether or not you actually require the services of a lawyer, a short initial consultation may be required.  This initial consultation is free of charge.  If it is determined that you need legal services, you will be told what to expect as far as terms of payment and services to be rendered.  To make these terms clear, a written agreement is usually entered into setting out the method of payment of anticipated costs and fees as well as the work the lawyer is authorized to perform for you.  

Many cases require a “retainer” fee, which is payment in advance for legal services and costs.  Some cases may be handled on a “contingency” fee basis, which is a percentage of the recovery.  Some fees are estimated as a “flat” fee for the services required, based upon the complexity of the work.  Other fees are based on an “hourly” rate, and are charged according to time spent on the case.  In all situations, you will understand your options and know what to expect regarding the contract for services to which you are agreeing.  

As your legal services are performed, if unexpected developments occur which require unanticipated legal services or expenses, you will immediately be informed of these circumstances and told how your agreement for services will be impacted.


What makes the office of David Kaufman the right choice?

The fact that David Kaufman is a sole practitioner enables you to speak directly with the attorney handling your matter. He is now “Of Counsel” with the law firm of Elmore, Griffin, LLC.  The office staff is experienced and courteous, using up-to-date computer technology to achieve quick and economical service.  Communications made to all personnel remain confidential. Client service and satisfaction are at the top of the list of goals set for this office.